With the principle of ╬ô├ç┬úfrom, with & to the community╬ô├ç┬Ñ, SISCa (standing for Integrated  Community Health Services╬ô├ç┬Ñ) is an integrated health Initiative Organized in the community     Once a month. It Objectives are to : 


1. Bring primary Health Assistance to the Community.
2. Collect and  improve  complete data  about the population ,children and pregnant  woman in identifying  appropriate health interventions.
3. Disseminate HP and Education in order to change people╬ô├ç├ûs  Behaviors .
4. Improve Woman & man╬ô├ç├ûs  participation in Health issues.
The target Population of SISCa are the  General Community, children under Five year old, pregnant woman, adolescent ,elders and disable  people.


Activities are organized by  ╬ô├ç┬ú tables ╬ô├ç┬ú as follows: 1 Registers basic data, table 2 provide nutrition  assistance, table 3 provide health assistance  to pregnant mothers  & children, table 4 provide information & counseling on personal hygiene & sanitation, table 5 provide curative care, and finally  table 6 disseminates HP and education to the community. Services are delivered by the community health Centre ( CHC)╬ô├ç├ûs staff and community Volunteers or ,PSF╬ô├ç├ûs).
SISCa is an integrated health service involving the community. It has functioned from 2008. A community organization effort  is currently being made for the creation of health committees (or╬ô├ç┬ÑKJPS╬ô├ç┬Ñ) strongly linked with the Village Councils.

program is a key initiative  of the Ministry of Health (MOH) to extend the reach of basic primary health care  services to community and household level. The program is Being implemented in the country╬ô├ç├ûs 13 Districts.
The definition of the PSF is a follows :


1. S/hi is a village members selected by his/her community to serve as a volunteer.
2. As a ╬ô├ç┬úVolunteer╬ô├ç┬Ñ s/he is not an  employee of MOH and does not receive  a salary  but does get some incentives.
3. Registered by MOH, the PSF Participates in training to get the necessary  skills.
4. The PSF is active to conducting  health promotion activities during SISCa.The role  include : Providing Health education, acting as  a motivator for behavior change, assisting in providing treatment  (ORS, Vitamin A, DOTS╬ô├ç┬¬), and mobilizing the communities to attend SISCa. 

Thematic Health education has been applied by several health Departments together with Health Promotion Department. Almost every health programs has Behavior Change Communication (BCC) materials development and use as one of its activities. There are also campaigns, organizing of health events and other activities which related to the health promotion.